The Purpose of Repurposing Everything You Do

I wasn’t good at math in high school. I didn’t want to learn how to add and multiply letters.

My early training in marketing taught me that 1 + 2 = 5 or maybe 7. I understood that!

Synergy is a powerful tool for multiplying the effectiveness of a brand or to propagate a message. Synergy occurs when the sum of the individual components produce an effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

When messages work together in print, audio, video or digital media, the return on investment (or energy) is greater than a single medium can produce on its own.

The idea is to create as many touchpoints as possible with a defined target audience. Synergy escalates when the message addresses a felt need. The multiplier effect occurs with a magic word called frequency. More specifically, frequency across many platforms produces more results than additional frequency in a single medium.

Perhaps you write a weekly blog or newsletter. (I hope you do.)

I’ve long taught that we should show up every day (blog frequency). But it’s much better to write a blog, produce a podcast, do a short video, send an email message, push a tweet and use your book as a business card.

Show up every day in different ways. Then cross-promote across all of your messaging.

  • In your blog, speak about your podcasts and refer to Chapter 6 in your book.
  • In your podcast, speak about your writing and perhaps your latest Facebook Live video.
  • In your drip campaign (consistent emails to your target audience), write about your podcast guest scheduled for next week.

And don’t forget to repurpose. What else could I do with this email? Couldn’t I use it in a podcast in some form? How about in a short video? Could I do a Facebook Live and speak to the value of multimedia? Could I write an e-book about this topic?

Produce one unit of content and find multiple ways to use the core message. One solid thought can serve your content needs for a full week of publishing.

It’s music to my ears when I hear people say, “I see you everywhere.” My magnets are working. My messages are multiplying.

Synergy is the best math.

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