“I once was lost but now I’m found.”

My message was once lost in the noise of “me-too” product claims and offers. The louder I yelled, the less I seemed to be heard. I pushed messages a few times each year through mass media such as radio and television.

The problem with pushing any message through broadcasting is that I must compete with a crowd of messages and may never reach people who need what I have to offer.

I’ve learned how to become found. I developed a pull campaign. I publish content day after day and write to a very small group of people who resonate with the message I offer.

People didn’t really find me; they found my message of hope.

When we publish content directed to a specific audience with identified needs, we will be found. The masses won’t find me. They don’t need me.

Your audience won’t find you if:

  • You don’t understand their need
  • You can’t help them
  • You don’t show up consistently
  • You don’t build trust
  • You don’t deliver what you promised

Come out from among them and be found.

If you need help being found, email me at drsteve.greene@charismamedia.com

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