Haven’t you noticed that when you chase something, it tends to be running away from you?

Pushy sales people or advertising messages chase prospects. Push marketing lives for the chase.

Push marketing is interruptive. Television and radio commercials don’t ask permission to speak with an audience. The message pushes its way into the minds of reluctant listeners.

Pull marketers rebuke a chase of any kind. Messages attract an audience with a steady flow of content.

Content intersects with people searching for solutions to their needs.

Customers may have to do a little work to find their solution.

They will have to search and pursue content. They choose their pursuit willingly. The pursuit may take a while, but it’s acceptable because the customer searches on their own terms.

When a customer pursues a solution, the price point is usually less important. The solution provider is the hero.

The essence of a marketing system is to develop and post relevant content with heavy frequency. Our goal is to stimulate the chase.

The best customers chase their solution until caught.

Catch me, please.

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