Uncertainty seems likely to be certain for at least the next few months. It’s even difficult to stir excitement about a vision for anything past Easter.

But effective leaders respond to crises with a firm resolve to move forward. We know that our response determines the destiny of our team. We know that excellent leadership can yield powerful outcomes even in times of fear and anxiety.

We aren’t moved by the news media that seem hyper-focused on blasting story after story to elevate fear while creating a “group think” mentality.

How are you leading your audience during this storm? Are you increasing your media to help balance the negativity? Are you developing proactive content?

Please consider the following seven points as you make plans to lead your audiences into peace:

1. Who will lead your audience out of fear?

If you aren’t overcommunicating with your audiences, then you are probably under-communicating. I continue to teach this core message: Your people want to hear more from you—not less. This is especially true during this fight against the fear virus. Your audience trusts you and wants to hear your take on winning this battle.

If not you, then who?

2. In every crisis, brands break out from the mess. Where will your brand be at the end of this mess?

While many other content producers cut back during seasons of economic decline, Christian leaders must think about their call to serve. Isn’t this season the most critical time of your ministry?

If not now, when?

3. Leaders develop a louder and more frequent voice during a crisis. This is not a time to be quiet. Your audience needs you now more than ever.

The Bible is filled with stories of leaders who stepped up with a loud voice during times of threats to their people.

If not a leader, then who?

4. Expand your media choices to include a larger audience. (If another leader is being quiet, the people who follow him will turn to you.)

Think of the people who are searching for answers today because their leader remains quiet. You have a real opportunity to reach new people in a time of need.

If not new media, then what?

5. Media usage will reach an all-time high. We are seeing open rates increase, web traffic increase and podcast downloads increase. It’s the best time to make sure that you are digital.

Our audiences are locked in and probably stir-crazy. What a great time to be found—just when people who need us are looking for more content.

If not when they are searching, then what better time?

6. It’s a great time for a digital feature story. You will get more readership and more exposure.

Again, this is a great time to tell people more about your ministry. There is more time to read about leaders and consume their content.

A feature story about you and your ministry should be your favorite tool as new people connect with your content.

If you don’t tell them about your ministry, who will?

7. Drive people to your landing and web pages.

Once they find you, make it easy for them to connect with you and your web home. Use easy-to-find and clickable buttons.

If you don’t send them to your site, where will they go next?

If you have been putting off expanding your digital presence, today would be a great day to get started. Our 2-5 million unique visitors need your message now more than ever.

Please do not think of this newsletter as a sales pitch to use us to help you grow. My concern and anointing is to help you grow. If you need my help, please respond to this email.

If you don’t need help, please help others and grow your audience.

P.S. Everything you need to do can be completed from your home office with international digital distribution. Even in a time such as this, there are no limits to how you find people who need you.

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