As you glance at this image, do you anticipate the destiny of the drip from the faucet?

The principle of closure refers to the belief held in the Gestalt school of psychology that the human brain perceives forms and figures in their complete appearance in spite of the absence of one or more parts, whether they are absent or hidden.

Our brains tell us what we need to know about the drop. Writers and photographers know that interest improves when we allow closure to form in the minds of our audience.

Marketers use the principle of closure to create engagement and interest in the content. If a reader’s mind forms closure, the content of the message penetrates mental barriers for improved absorption.

When people in need see our messages and content on a regular basis, the closure concept works in our favor. Our message should never surprise our readers. Readers welcome our content because we have helped them in the past.

Think of message frequency as a conditioning process.

Every message adds to the reader’s mental library of how your content is helpful. Your readers, viewers or listeners should look forward to similar content from you.

Layer your messages of hope. Drip by drip. A bucket of words provides minimal help and no conditioning.

Consider Dave Ramsey’s life message. Many audiences will form closure at the mention of his name.

Message frequency creates a Gestalt response. It also builds trust.

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