The Charisma Podcast Network helps spirit-filled podcasts reach the ends of the earth, with shows reaching over 150 nations and overall network downloads of 78+ million. Join the movement and the number one Christian podcast network across the globe. 

God has given Christians a message, and we provide them with a platform through the Charisma Podcast Network. When authors, ministries, and nonprofits utilize podcasting to share a message through compelling storytelling, they connect with an audience on a deep level. A profound connection creates a following that converts.

The Charisma Podcast Network is part of Charisma Media. Charisma Media is best known for its magazines such as Charisma, Charisma Leader (formerly known as Ministry Today), and Christian Retailing. Our book group, Charisma House, has grown rapidly with many books on the New York Times bestsellers list. 

God has given you a message, and we want to give you a platform. 

Do you have an existing podcast and want to reach more spirit-filled Christians?

Grow your podcast audience, spread the Gospel, and become a paid member of a community of the most influential Christian podcasts.

Do you want to start a podcast and help your brand or ministry reach more Christians?

Ministries, churches, pastors, or Christian or Spirit-filled leaders can increase their reach by connecting with people who need Jesus anytime, anywhere on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Charisma Podcast Network audience is 63% male and 37% female. The greatest number of listeners are Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. Listeners come to CPN for podcasts about faith, prayer, the prophetic, end-times, politics, news, and leadership, all from a Christian perspective. Please note that demographics and interests may differ by show. The data below is a reflection of visitors to cpnshows.com.

  • 18-24 5.16%
  • 25-34 10.41%
  • 35-44 13.95%
  • 45-54 20.73%
  • 55-64 28.48%
  • 65+ 21.31%

The Charisma Podcast Network is part of Charisma Media. The network is promoted across Charisma Media platforms such as charismamag.com, charismanews.com, Charisma social media, Charisma digital media, and even Charisma print magazines.

Downloads are the key performance metric for the podcast industry. Charisma Podcast Network shows often exceed industry benchmarks. As a result, podcasts have the opportunity to enter the mark from a strong position by reaching the right audience.

Existing podcasts join Charisma Podcast Network by sharing their RSS feed with our platform. The RSS will display all existing and future content from the podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

The Charisma Podcast Network offers a detailed guide on launching a podcast from set up to prep for full episodes. New show contracts will detail all that is included.


If you have an existing podcast, please send over links to your show.