How to Make the Most of Your Podcast Interview

Over the last few years, I’ve conducted over 1,000 podcast interviews. Hosts of thousands of shows conduct thousands of interviews every day. The podcast industry continues to grow, and many more thought leaders are participating on one or both sides…

Publish or Perish

If you are trying to grow your brand or the brand of your ministry, you must publish content. A brand isn’t a brand unless it has a following, an audience or a tribe. A brand: * Makes things better *…

Podcasting is The New Blogging

Marketers often use blogs to connect with target audience lifestyles and drive users to websites. While blogs have not lost their relevance, podcasts are producing stronger results for those very same goals!  

The Podcast for Christian Podcasters with Dr. Steve Greene

Dr. Steve Greene talks podcasting for pastors, churches, and Christian non-profits. Learn how to take your God given message to the masses through one of the most effective mediums in marketing.

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If you have a burning desire in your heart to spread the gospel …

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It’s time to produce your own podcast.