I feel so much pressure this morning…

I’m all worked up about posting to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I must get in the apps and connect with people, like their posts and share their videos.

Like many of you, sometimes I stop and ask, “Why? Does it help people? Is it the right thing to do?”

My answer is I really don’t know. I think it’s all about our motives. What do I want to do with social media?

If it’s all about building followers and friends, then perhaps we have a long term goal in mind. Might I want something, someday?

If we have a potential business motive in mind for social media, we might be missing the most powerful social medium of all.

When I was a much younger marketer, I quickly learned the importance of my personal Rolodex. My Rolodex went with me for about twenty years. I only upgraded sizes. No one could take away my Rolodex.

Facebook et al. can take away your friends in a mouse click. I read about an Instagrammer who lost her entire business because she was booted off Instagram for a bad post. I know of several Christians who lost their audiences because the leaders of social media are not all that friendly to followers of Jesus.

Please don’t miss this point. You can’t take your social media friends with you when you leave. You only have access to them according to their Terms of Service.

Whatever you are doing now and may do in the future, you need to maintain your own contact list. Building your own personal list has always been important. It’s more important now than ever.

Take the pressure off your day. Keep your own list and take it with you!

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