What’s the Hurry?

Jack may have been nimble and quick, but did he help people? He may have been able to jump over candlesticks, but could he stoop down to pull someone up?

The challenge we all face is the need for speed. We rush through this to get to that. Some speed date, speed read and build for speed. I don’t know what it means anymore to “get up to speed.”

The first question in business seems to be “How fast can you get this to me?” Perhaps, more common, we are asked to deliver the goods by end of day. We need everything absolutely, positively overnight. I can’t even seem to answer texts or emails before I receive the hammer, “Did you get my text?”

But what about people who sit in front of you in need of help? How do we deliver help at the speed of light? How do we meet needs with speed?

We don’t. Our first aid kits open with the caveat, “This is going to take a little time.”

The path matters more than the pace.

The hardest thing to communicate in the business of helping people in business is the wisdom of a slow-cooked solution.

What happened to a well-drawn-out think-about-it session? Is research extinct? Have study halls gone bankrupt?

The best results from marketing campaigns occur over time. Brands are built along the x-axis on a proven path.

Large companies can throw money at speed and perhaps get somewhere fast. Smaller companies and start-ups can’t afford quick starts that flop fast.

A small marketing budget works well with the discipline of a path.

Slow dance along your path to increased revenue.

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