In last week’s newsletter, I asked the question, “Do you want to help people?” I hope you’ve been thinking deeply about that question this week.

Once we establish that we have the “want to,” we must then consider the “how to.”

The key components to helping people are the heart and know how. We become known by how we help people. When we describe our ministry, our words of life are how-centered. When we encourage people to “follow Jesus,” “worship through the storm” or “speak words of life,” we provide a recipe for change. It’s not enough to call someone up higher. We must show them how to make the climb.

Therefore, we must consistently study our ministry methodology. We modify. We adjust how we perform our how.

One of the many considerations we must navigate is to select a vehicle to deliver our message. I’ve written often about the importance of message strategy but today’s focus is about the distribution of the message. How do we tell people about how we can help their felt need?

The cover of May 2019’s The Writer magazine blares the following words:

The Future Is Audio

Audiobooks and podcasts have never been hotter.

Run to a microphone and speak about how you help people. It’s not too late to start a podcast show. We can help you. Our podcast network has earned 9 million downloads since our launch.

Your smartphone is a great place to start. Record an audio message about how you help people. Perhaps interview others of interest to your audience. Tell stories about how you help people.

I’ve often used to record an interview. It works fine for most purposes as you begin developing audio products. What matters most is that your message connects with the heart of your listeners.

How do you get listeners? Start with your mailing list. Send an email with your audio message attached. It’s that simple.

Click here if you’d like to speak with us about how to use our podcast network to deliver your message.

If you’d like to speak with me for help in developing your audio future, just send me an email here:

I’d love the opportunity to help you help others. The future is now. Let’s get your message into audio.

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