A Path to Transformation

Throw a lot of mud on the wall and hope something sticks!

Each handful of mud is tactical execution of the old strategy of spray and pray. With no plan, we try everything we can afford and pray for sales to increase.

Your marketing plan must be greater than the sum of recent transactions.

I prefer a marketing path that leads to transformation. Consider this path. It’s just a glimpse of a way forward:

  • Begin with a message to a small target audience. Help a small group of people with similar needs. Develop a recipe that produces a cry for more. When your audience wants more from you, consider the next mile marker on the path. Describe your core audience.
  • Build a landing page or small website. Don’t spend a bunch of money here. A landing page can be as powerful as a $35,000 web site. It’s all about the content and call-to-action.
  • Use your landing page to secure email addresses from people who ask to hear from you. They probably responded to a “call to action” on your page. Whatever you do, give value in every communication. Pour out more value than anyone like you.
  • Launch an email drip campaign. Use an autoresponder to make it easier. Or not. Think about how often your audience would like to hear from you. When you find someone who has valuable content to share, how often do you want to hear from them? I have seven newsletters/blogs that come to me seven days a week. I don’t always open them as I receive them—but ALL get opened soon. (I receive a daily letter about heart health, two letters I love that are pastoral, a golf letter, a photography letter and two marketing letters.) I can’t imagine I would ever unsubscribe from these letters because they are packed with value.
  • Send email to other lists with value and call to action. Convert to your web page. Send something better than an electronic ad! Pour out value. Every new medium must be used according to how consumers use the medium. I remember when a few grocery advertisers stood in front of a TV camera and pointed to their newspaper ad. Would you be surprised to learn it didn’t work?
  • Blog. Either hire it done or make sure you produce a lot of written content. If you are sending an email drip campaign much of the material can be repurposed. Start with content calendar for subjects to be covered and try to write something every day.
  • Podcast. Today, this is not optional. There is so much good that comes from broadcasting your message to the world. Our forefathers who spent millions in broadcasting would welcome the opportunity to tell you about it! There has never been a better time or easier way to build an audience with your voice and message.

In weeks to come, I will keep writing in each subject area. I have a few content surprises planned as well. I hope you keep reading.

My plan is to guide you along this path to increase the reach of your message and revenue.

Momma said it best. “Quit throwing mud.”

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