It almost feels “old school” to write to you about websites. And that’s the problem.

Many of us are more concerned about social media outlets and other shiny objects. We spend more time away from our websites than we spend with them.

Care for an analogy or two?

Ignoring my website is like ignoring a restaurant I own. It gets worse every day I’m away.

Ignoring my website is like inviting a guest to my home or church and then totally ignoring them.

Take a moment and review your website now. How do you treat your visitor? You do want visitors to your site, correct?

Consider how your first-time visitors feel in your home:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to move around
  • Your guests know why they are visiting and receive it—(did you promise dinner and only serve lemonade?)

Most clients don’t seek help with their websites or landing pages.

Their tech team has it all prettied-up and they like the fancy bells and whistles. I’m so old school, I think that extreme focus on the site visitor matters most. When we open the front door to our guests at home or church, our words really matter.

Check the top of your website (before the scroll).

  • Have you made it clear what you do? (Did you leave a light on for the guest?)
  • Is it easy to find free downloads about how you serve?
  • Please remove any form of an ask for money. When a guest walks through your front door, do they see a “Donate here” sign?
  • Does your site entice me to come back? (I can tell it’s loaded with goodies!)
  • Did you offer a powerful download to capture an email for your guest? I’m weird. I send thank-you notes to guests who visit my home.

There is so much to offer you about the content of your home page. I will continue to share throughout the year. But if you need help now, send me an email by clicking here.

Bottom line: Does your website give visitors what they need?

PS—Does everything work on your website? Do all links still connect? Do buttons work properly? Do you check this weekly?

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