Do You Have a Book in You?

There aren’t many days that pass in which I don’t hear, “I know I’ve got a book in me.”

My response is, “Start writing it today.” That usually ends the conversation.

If you work in marketing or revenue creation, you probably understand the need to create content. If you create memes, write ad copy or follow all the latest social media pundits, consider the measurable value of your work.

I’m a big believer in the value of social media, but I think it’s easy to kid ourselves into thinking social media connects with our customers better than any form of personal communication.

I’d like to suggest something to you that may seem counterintuitive:

Stop doing tactical marketing and start writing.

Writing must become your primary marketing strategy.

Start by writing a blog. Write a few email messages and build a campaign. Write something every day. (Let us know if you’d like to hire a ghost blog-writer).

Write a shareable idea. Look for engagement and response as an indicator you are making a good connection.

I encourage writers and marketers to write 500-word blogs as a first step to developing a voice. If you struggle to write a blog, imagine how difficult it is to write the average length book of around 50,000 words.

Keep it simple. Share an idea about how your readers can solve a problem or meet a need.

Do you need a coach to help you and hold you accountable?

I have a few spots available on my coaching calendar. Just reach out and tell me about what you need.

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