Unfortunately, marketers sometimes hear from customers, “My campaign didn’t work.” More often than not, we hear this claim when someone has big expectations at the launch of the campaign.

I recognize that few of us want to hear the phrase, “This will just take time.” Most of our goals respond to the need for speed with a wide yawn. I can expect to lose weight with the latest fad diet, but if it isn’t sustainable, change won’t happen fast.

That’s one of the problems with “big hat, no cattle” marketing cowboys. “We can drive those cattle to Wyoming, overnight!” FedEx doesn’t ship cattle.

Marketing builds businesses, but rarely does it happen as fast as we plan. A few thoughts to ponder:

  • Define what “it worked” means to you. Do you expect a campaign to work before you or your product has even nudged the “awareness meter”?
  • Do you still believe revenue can be won with a push strategy? Telling and telling may have worked for a couple of decades, but pull marketing is much more effective today. Yes, it takes more time to draw the right target customer closer to you.
  • The primary component of pull marketing employs an attraction model. Customers like to watch our work from the cheap seats. Our goal is to move them closer to us with drip communication. We build know, like, trust with consistent delivery of valued content. (Be clear about how you help people.). Think of your content as a product sample.
  • Brands are built upon a strong foundation. The finish work happens after the structure is complete. Communicate your foundational message first. Pricing information is finish work. Value drives sustainability. Not pricing offers.
  • Walk with gratitude in the process. Treat everyone better than they expect to be treated. Surprise your tribe with waves of thanks. Gratitude in business is a rare commodity.

Set a daily reminder to remind your audience about how you can help. It will work.

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