To clarify your message and corresponding message strategy, consider this insightful synonym: nurture.

How do you nurture others with your words? What do you hear yourself saying? What do others say about your help?

I think you know what it means to nurture a child, a friend or a co-worker. But do you consider the nurturing power of your message to an audience?

When you know HOW you nurture, you’ll have more clarity about why your audience comes to you. Your audience reads your words or listens to your podcast because you provide meaningful content.

What makes your content meaningful?

  • You address a real problem.
  • You speak and write with anointing. (You are called to address the problem.)
  • You are genuine. Your care shows.
  • You keep things light as your message explores the depth of a problem. Laughter through tears can be cathartic.
  • You are interesting.

In a broader sense, your nurturing is nutritious.

My medical doctor won’t prescribe a Snickers bar, Oreo cookies or a bag of chips to nurture health in my arteries. He delivers a message to me to eat things I don’t like. It is an effective strategy to eat fewer calories.

Comfort food nurtures like a soft blanket, but comfort rarely attracts an audience in need of change. My blanket never likes to let go.

As you plan your weekly content, detail how to nurture your audience:

  • Did you provide nutrition for the heart, mind and/or soul?
  • Did you provide direction on a path to solve a problem?
  • Did you teach one step of execution with clarity?
  • When your audience reads or hears your message, do they know exactly what to do next?
  • Have you taught your audience the difference between knowledge and execution?

Nutritious messages build audiences and change lives.

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