As a consulting company, we see nonprofit organizations make this mistake far too often.

What is the mistake, you ask?

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You go all year without hearing from the charity you gave to last year and then BOOM!

#GivingTuesday rolls around and there they are with their hands out! “Give to us! It’s #GivingTuesday!”

The fatal mistake the nonprofit organization makes is that they assume because they are asking, you will give again — and for a small percentage that might work.

For the rest of us, we haven’t been communicated with the entire year. In fact, we don’t know where our money has gone because there was no follow-up, so we will give to another organization that has been marketing to us all year.

What’s the solution?

Talk to your donors all year long. Not just when you want something.

You don’t do this in a relationship with friends, so you shouldn’t do it with your donors either.

Make it easy for your donors to give next #GivingTuesday. If you start adding value now and keep it going all year, you won’t have to ask; they will give willingly.

P.S. While this article is picking on nonprofit organization marketing efforts, this applies to all fields, book authors, financial institutions, conferences, etc. You make it easy for the consumer to repurchase your product if you provide value all year long.

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