Women today are hungry for God. Now more than ever, the Holy Spirit is drawing women into a deeper relationship with Him.

The SpiritLed Woman reader is not defined by a worldly perspective. Jesus Christ is her Lord and Savior. She guards her personal walk with God as well as her family through relentless prayer and intercession. The SpiritLed Woman reader does not conform to the world but is transformed by the renewing of her mind through the Bible. She seeks to grow in her walk with God and lives a life filled with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

She is passionate about—God, family, church, friends, and community.

reaches 70,000

spirit-filled women


attend two conferences/seminars each year


have purchased Christian products over the past year that includes Bibles, books, music, ebooks, and Christian book items.


average household income


have children or grandchildren


hold a position in their church


average household net worth


Reservation Due: 5/30/19

Material Due: 6/14/19